1)    Do I have to use the company the Insurance company told me to use?

Answer:  No!  As a homeowner, we have the right to choose who we feel will be the best company to complete the work to our home.  Your Insurance Company cannot force you to use a restoration professional of their choice only.  It is important to choose who you feel confident, not only to restore your home, but a company who you feel comfortable with.


2) How much do I have to pay out of pocket?

Answer: Out of pocket cost vary by policy typically only the “deductible” amount that you have agreed to on your policy is the only out of pocket expense you will have. Your Insurance agent would be the best source to get that information from.

3) The insurance company’s’ estimate has “depreciation on it” what does that mean?

Answer: Depreciation is the reduced value of any given item based on age or use. An example would be the shingles on your roof. For instance if you have 20 yr shingles, the life expectancy of those shingles is 20 yrs and if your roof is 10 years old it would be worth 50% of its value.  Depending on your policy the insurance company normally withholds depreciation from any initial settlement.

If you have a”RCV” policy (replacement cost value), the insurance company withholds the depreciation until the repairs have been made. They will then release the deprecation to you or your contractor upon receipt of completion.

If you have an “ACV” policy ( Actual Cash Value) then the insurance company will only pay the deprecated amount. If you have questions about your policy contact your insurance agent for more accurate information.

4) Who will be working in my home, do I need to be there while the repairs are going on?

Answer: It is not necessary for you to be home during the repair process. We can make arrangements for access to your home based on your preference. All of our employees and subcontractors are fully background checked before they ever step foot in any of our customers homes. We will follow whatever guidelines that you are most comfortable with, and communicate daily as to when and who will be at your home.


5) How and where will my contents be stored?

Answer: We take great pride in our contents services and our ability to pack out your belongings with great care and precision. We utilize a state of the art packing and inventory system that once we have carefully packed your belongings, allows us to track its exact location, who packed it, and it status. All of your belongings are first inventoried, packed in boxes and then placed in storage containers. Once at our location those sealed storage containers are stored  in our climate controlled warehouse.


6)    What happens if something is missed or not seen during the initial inspection?

Answer:   Although your Insurance Adjuster as well as your Estimator will always do their best to not miss any items, some damages cannot be “foreseen” until the repairs have begun.  If this happens, photos will be taken and your insurance adjuster will be contacted immediately to let them know and get approval.  Anytime this occurs, it is considered a Supplement and your Insurance Company will pay all Supplements upon 100% Completion .


7)    What does it mean to be referred by a Preferred Contractor Program?                                                                                                   

Answer:   In order to be part of a “PCP” we have to go through a lengthy application process and have to be accepted onto the program, and are one of usually only four or five companies on the program.  If your Insurance Company has accepted Premier Restoration Services to be on their Preferred Contractor Program, you can rest and be assured it is because they are confident we are a trustworthy company whom is going to offer you the quality and service you deserve as customer of theirs.