Artwork Restoration

Artwork and Photographs damaged by fire, water, or other contaminants require special care by trained restoration specialists. Our technicians evaluate and start the process of saving your sentimental and valuable photographs along with your artwork immediately.

These seemingly insignificant items sometimes have more personal value than the home itself.  At Premier Restoration we are committed to helping you recover your possessions. We work with you to ensure your possessions are restored to their previous condition.


  • Framed Artworkfire damaged contents
  • Family Photographs
  • Historical documents and Family Records
  • Books
  • Fine Art
  • Sculptures
  • Porcelain Figurines


When Damage Occurs


When artwork is damaged, we recommend you immediately take steps to help mitigate the loss and prevent further deterioration.


  • Remove the damaged art from the loss location as quickly as possible.
  • Leave the art in its current condition; do not remove frames, glass, etc.
  • Lay the damaged art flat; never stack items on top of each other; this may damage the item beyond restoration.
  • Never wipe the surface of damaged art; this may damage the item beyond restoration.
  • Always keep small pieces that may have broken or chipped off of the damaged item.
  • Call Premier Restoration Services to help!

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